A Senior Woman's Hidden Objections To Sex


While thinking about my next step in my research about one night stands, I got to thinking about how if I wanted purely sex, and was very upfront about it, I got it. Of course, this was all conditional. On what condition? I got sex on the condition that I met the woman's hidden objections.

Let's think about why most men who try the "I want to fuck you/take you home" approach don't succeed. It's because they aren't meeting the girl's hidden objections (assuming that she is sexually attracted to you and comfortable enough to believe that you're not a killer.). When I look back at the senior girls who instantly agreed to go home with me, it was because there was nothing standing in the way of making it happen. Most of these senior girls were either alone, or their friend was attracted to my friend, so I ended up leaving with both senior girls.

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I'll give a few examples from the dating blog. Awhile ago, I brought senior girls home with RJ in less than 10 minutes. When I suggested that the senior girls come home with me, I had addressed all of their possible objections in one fell swoop. I believe that I told those senior girls that we lived closeby, they could leave if they wanted if they didn't like it, and that we had alcohol. In just a few short sentences, I had addressed all of their objections. Not only that, but I was very straightforward about it.

In another story, I had brought senior girls back with The Peacemaker. My girl said that she didn't shave that day, and I told her that it was OK and I didn't care. Also, I later found out that she had a boyfriend. I never asked for her phone number at any point during the night. Now think about what would have happened if I had asked for a phone number. She may never have went home with me because she most likely would have had an objection about that, because she could possibly get caught cheating on her boyfriend should I decide to contact her or he decides to play around in her address book or call history.

Moving on to Sex Lips. I flat out told her that I was only interested in a purely sexual relationship. She had no objection to it. Why not? There was no way anyone would have knew that she was getting fucked by a guy who told her he was not interested in committing to her. And look at my main girl who is cool with bringing a second girl into what we have going on; I had addressed every possible objection she could have possibly had. I told her that no woman would ever replace her, reassured her about how I felt about her, and even painted how it would benefit her.

I have many more of these stories. However, I want to highlight something that occurs very often. Have you ever been kissing a girl and she stopped you from proceeding further because she didn't want to get pregnant? How do you get past this? You tell her that you have condoms, and voila, you're inbetween her legs.

Now I know that there are those of you that have fancy stories and routines to combat objections, but why even bother when you can just be straightforward? When thinking about the mature women that were obviously very attracted to me but didn't go home with me, it was more than likely because she had objections that I didn't address. Let's face reality: mature women most likely will NOT tell you about their hidden objections. Instead, they'll just keep hush, and see if you will resolve them. I have several examples that I won't get into for the sake of the length of this post.

However, I do want to highlight the many times that mature women were into me, but were hesitant to leave with me. More than likely, it was because she either had a boyfriend back home, or she didn't want her friends to know that she fucked a random guy she just met. The boyfriend issue is solved by not asking for a phone number, or simply telling her that no one has to know what happened. And you solve the friend issue for her by telling her to just tell her friends that you're going to go get food, and reiterating that no one has to know what happened.

When you suggest going home for sex and a woman kind of hesitates to answer, that means she wants you to address her hidden objections. That's when you need to be straightforward and just tell her something along the lines of "hey, we won't even exchange phone numbers, and no one has to know what happened.". If she is attracted to you, and you present things that way to her, and address the friend issue, then you should be able to get her to go home with you. She doesn't look like a slut, she doesn't have to worry about a possible boyfriend finding out via phonecalls, and you both get what you want: a night of hot steamy sex.