How PUAs Gurus Fuck Hundreds Of Women

For the sake of this post, let's assume that gurus are telling the truth when they say that they've slept with hundreds of women. Have you ever wondered how exactly are they doing it? And have you ever wondered why you have followed their techniques step by step, knowing that you aren't socially retarded, but haven't slept with anywhere near the number of women that these gurus claim to have slept with?

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Let's start with what we already know about gurus who have FULLY disclosed why they slept with a lot of women. Zenmack is buff has fuck, Krauser and Paul Janka do day game almost exclusively, and I like to game around small groups of people. However, there are gurus out there who kind of leave you in the dark regarding their backgrounds or the backgrounds of the women that they tend to go after. Some of these gurus have even wrote books with stories about sleeping with a ton of women, yet they have skillfully avoided telling the whole truth, especially regarding the backgrounds of these women.

I'll reveal their little secret right now: the gurus who aren't revealing the whole truth most likely got the vast majority of their lays from women in the biker/porn/rock/goth scene. Women are very tied to the culture around them, and the women in these scenes are very sexual, and easy to sleep with if they like you. They are also the types to easily fall for routines. I know because I have dealt with quite a few of these girls and I know what they're like.

For the sake of keeping it simple, let's just lump all of those women into the rock scene. If you are familiar with that culture, then you already know that the people into that scene are into mystical type stuff such as vampires, magic spells, and all of that jazz. This makes them highly susceptible to routines and cold reading, moreso than the average girl.

Let's look at a few examples. I'm sure that you have read about gurus using routine stack after routine stack, and then fucking a ton of these women on the same night that they meet them. I don't need to tell you this, but if you go using routines in the vast majority of places, you aren't getting a lot of one night stands. The only types of women that worship and easily fall for all of that mystical type stuff are women in the rock/goth scene where it is a part of their culture.

The second clue was that at least three of these gurus have admitted that they were peacocked the fuck out when they claimed to have slept with all of these women. If you are a guy that goes out on a regular basis, then you know that most nightclubs simply will not let you in if you are dressed weird, ESPECIALLY the classier nightclubs. Where are the only places where people dressed like weirdos can easily get in without a problem, and in fact, dressing weird is encouraged because it is part of the culture? Rock/goth bars.

And then another guru wrote about hanging out with a rockstar named Courtney Love and dated one of her band mates. First, let's think about Courtney Love. She is a hardcore rocker, and she use to be a stripper. Where is a woman like her and her band likely to hang out at? Some kind of hardcore rock or goth bar. In other words, these are not the types of bars where the typical PUA is going to hang out at.

Finally, I know of a guru who specifically mentions sleeping with Suicide Girls, and there was a guy who read my blog who was into that scene and easily got a Suicide Girl as his girlfriend. What scene are Suicide Girls typically a part of? The Goth/rock scene where sex is a part of the culture and isn't a big deal. I also saw "secret" pictures of a guru, and almost all of those chicks looked like they were part of the rock scene, and in fact, one of the pictures were with a girl playing a guitar. And if I remember correctly, there is one guru who even admits to being in a band.

I'm not saying that any of these gurus don't have game. However, I am saying that when it comes to night game, if they slept with as many women as they say they have, then these are the types of women that they have been targeting. Why? Because these women are into mystical stuff like routines/coldreading, sex is a big part of their culture, and it's not that big of a deal to sleep with a guy on the same night if you are attracted to him. Again, I've been around these rock/goth women and I know how they are. They're wild and sexually open.

The reason why you haven't had as much luck as these gurus, assuming that you aren't socially retarded, is because you haven't been going to the types of places where these women hang out. They usually aren't promoted, so they aren't well-known outside of the group of people that are a part of that scene, and they usually aren't anywhere near the mainstream bars and night clubs. They are usually out of the way, in some dark part of town.

And these places are usually only busy one day of the week, so it's very easy to drive past and never notice them. If you wanna sleep with a ton of women via night game, then these are the women that you need to go after if you aren't going to do the small and not so crowded bar/night club thing.