Difference Between OTG And Microwave Oven

There has been one debate for a very long time and people really find the conclusion for that. The debate is which appliance is better, OTG or microwave. Well, to be honest, both the appliances are amazing in their own role. They do what they are meant to and good a pretty good job. Obviously there are some differences but they are fulfilling the purpose of serving us what we demand. Coming back to the debate, you can not find out a result if you don't know much about these appliances and that's why let's have a look at both of them before heading forward in this argument.

More About OTG Oven

OTG stands for oven, toaster, and grill which clearly indicates its function and for what it is used. It is small in size and light in weight and can be used for multiple purposes. This oven uses a coil that heats up using electricity and the heat is used to cook the food. The main cooking is done by the coil which is present at the top and the bottom of the appliance. You also get a coiling option in which you can use either of the coils to heat up the food. It depends upon your cooking needs though. The temperature of OTG can be controlled by a thermostat and that's why the food can be cooked at a faster pace.

More About Microwave Oven

This appliance can be found in every house as it is very famous. It has some amazing features that are pretty much impressive. This is also known as the microwave convection oven. The main function of this appliance is also heating and cooking food. These days there are so many cooking options that you can do multiple types of heating/cooking in a single appliance. It lets you roast and bake different cakes and food without losing its important nutrient and that becomes a catchy feature of it. This also doesn't take much time to heat up things and can be your best friend in cooking. There are many different sizes of microwaves available, from large sizes to small ones, you can select the one which suits your needs.

Difference Between OTG And Microwave Oven

Electricity: Both the appliances need electricity but the way of consumption is different. OTG consumes more electricity than the microwave as the coil in OTG needs to be heated first.

Cooking: Microwave heats and cooks the food well from inside and outside but when it comes to the OTG, the food can be overcooked from outside but raw from inside.

Know when you know some important information about both, you can decide which one wins the race. However, both are amazing at what they do. To know more about both of them, you can simply read about the best small microwave reviews and OTG reviews.